Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cute Eraseable Note Board

So - I was sitting here last week and decided that I been "pinning" way too much stuff on Pinterest and not actually "doing" anything. So I set my mind that I was going to start going and creating some of those babies I been pinning! Oh - you don't pin? Well, you should! What is Pinterest you say? Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where you will find oodles and oodles of ideas of things to create, make, buy, drool get the drift. You know how you see something in a magazine that you SWEAR you are going to make one day so you rip that article out only to not be able to find it months later when you look for it? Well...on pinterest as you find articles, pictures, etc. online, you can go and "pin" them to your board on Pinterest for all the world to see - and also so you can find it later when you "get in the mood" to do something.
Anyhoo - I been finding these cute little memo board/wipe boards people have been making on Pinterest and I finally decided I wanted to make one for my kitchen. So......I went down to my local GW (Goodwill) and found this baby:

Just an old plastic, brown frame. (Even better than it was 1/2 price and I got it for a $1.) I loved the "carvings" in it and thought it would look great in white. So......I sprayed it with some "made for plastic" spray paint, picked out some decorative scrapbook paper I had on hand and "Oila".........
A cute little memo board is born! Doesn't the frame look much nicer white? My kitchen is painted yellow with red decor so I wanted to incorpoate the red somehow. Found this cute tulip paper in my stash but the rest of my family was like "Ewwwwwww". So........changed it up to something they picked out:
Then I said "Ewwwww". But, unfortunately for me, I was out voted so I left this paper in (for now). But......if I get enough votes from YOU saying you like the red one better than I am switching it up!
Now just write on the glass with my Expo eraseable marker and I got myself a cute little noteboard. I think it would be great to if I changed out the papers with seasonable paper as well. Just hard to find something not "too busy" that you can't read your notes when you write them, but then again, I dont want something too "plain" for when no notes on the to find some more paper perhaps for Easter......
What do you think?
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