Monday, May 31, 2010

Site Review: Coupon Chief

I was recently asked to check out the website of Coupon Chief and share my thoughts of the site with my fellow bloggers, friends and family. If you do any type of shopping online, you MUST check this site out!

First of all, there are THOUSANDS of stores that this site offers coupon codes for. What is a coupon code? Well, if you do any type of shopping online, you know that when you go to the companies checkout there is usually a box that says "enter promo code" or "enter coupon code" or something like that. A lot of times you may not have a coupon code and you simply skip over that box. HOWEVER, not any more! From now on, any time you want to purchase something on line, the first thing you need to do is go to Coupon Chief and see if they have a promo code they can provide you to use on your order. Some coupon codes that you might find would provide you with free shipping, or perhaps $25 off a $100 purchase, 25% off, etc. The options are endless and of course change constantly as deal "promos" are found for you! You can search by either the name of a particular store you want to purchase from or, even an item. Say you want to look for "teen fashion". You simply go to Coupon Chief, plug in "teen fashion" as your search item and they will pull up a listing of all stores that offer teen fashions along with matching coupon codes. When you find the store/coupon you would like to purchase from and use, you simply click on the "copy" button for that coupon and paste that particular coupon code into the checkout of the site you are ordering from. Your savings will instantly show up on your online invoice. It is that easy!

Coupon Chief also offers a "Pays-2-Share Program". If you are shopping online and come across a coupon code that Coupon Chief does not already have in their listing of offers, you can actually upload that coupon code to their site and if anyone clicks on that offer and makes a purchase, Coupon Chief will pay you 2% of the total sales purchased when someone uses that coupon! So, not only is Coupon Chief a "savings site", it could also be a "money making site" as well!

One other great feature they have is you can set up a profile on their website that provides information on what types of items or stores that you like to shop from and they will email you alerts when there are deals and promos that you may be interested in.

If you do any type of online shopping, I would highly recommend you check out Coupon Chief! I do not personally do a lot of online shopping, but I just may start having found this new site!

Happy Savings!

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