Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! - - Save on Brillo Pads

OK - by show of hands, how many of you have used a brillo pad and then came back to use it a short time later only for it to be all rusty and nasty?! and then you had to throw the brillo pad away?! Oh...come on now....raise your hand - you know you have!! There you go........ cut down on wasting, next time you grab that Brillo pad (or other similar cleaning device) out of the box, BEFORE you use it go ahead and grab your scissors and cut that pad in half! (This will also help sharpen your scissors too!) Place half back in the package and then use the smaller Brillo pad for your cleaning purpose. It will still be large enough to clean whatever it is that you need to clean that day and most likely use up what cleaning life it has in it. Then you can toss it - for the other half to remain all pristine clean in the box for its next use - instead of it sitting there waiting to rust all over your sink!

Not only will this save on rustiness sitting around, but will also double the length of time most likely that the box of pads will last you which, as a result, will save you money!

Happy Savings!


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