Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to Mom with Coupons!

Well, here I am, starting a new blog on couponing and saving while shopping in general. Over the last two years or so I have studied and tried to practice "frugal shopping" by using coupons and matching them with weekly ads at my local grocery stores to get the "best price possible" on the items my family uses most often. It has definitely paid off! I have also taught my couponing practices to lots of family and friends and have several ladies that call me weekly for tips and ideas on what to buy on any given week to help save them the most at the checkout. Since every week it seems I have one or two more people asking me "How do you do that?", I figured the easiest way to keep in touch with everyone was to start a blog so everyone can just come to one place and find out what information I am using that week to get the most out of my money!

I probably should not be starting this blog at the beginning of a very hectic and busy holiday week, but I figured if I put it off any longer, I would not get it started. I am!

My postings will be sporadic probably over the next two weeks with tips on how to start couponing, how to best organize your coupons, what is "stockpiling" and other information I hope will be helpful to anyone that wants to save a little money. Hopefully at the first of the year I will be able to post on a more regular basis with weekly sales, weekly recipes and other ways to make or save money around the home! Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and - don't forget -start clipping those coupons!

Happy Savings!

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