Friday, January 13, 2012

Frugal Friday Family Fun - Board Games!

First - I want to start out by saying I LOVE this game! If you have not heard of it is "Logo" - duh - I am sure you see that above! It is kind of like Trivial Pursuit but you dont have to be a brainiac to play - you simply have to know your commercials, ad jingles and logos of famous brands. Anyhoo - I saw this game advertised a lot before Christmas and I kept telling my husband "I want Logo for Christmas". I must have said it 20 times and everytime we were in a store and I saw it, I would say "Oh look, there is that Logo game I want." I was hoping with all that I would find it under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Well - -- - I did! I was so excited.....Then a few days later my husband said "I thought you were joking about that game and bought it kind of as a gag gift.".....REALLY???? I RARELY ask for anything, so when I pointed it out 20-30 times I did not realize he would think I was joking?!

Anyhoo - he did get it. I guess he thought I may have been joking because my family does not sit down and play board games. Well.....they USED to not sit down and play board games. Now - - - they have became regular board game players - which takes me to the point of Frugal Friday Family Fun!

Yes, board games are not cheap. However, when else can you pay $25 for a game that will last for years to come and not $25 for a family of 4 to play one game of putt putt! Christmas night I was like (of course) "Let's play Logo"....after a few eyes rolling and possibly a few muffled groans from the boys, everyone did eventually please me and sit down to play. About 10 minutes later we we were all laughing and having a great time! Even hubby who I dont recall sitting down to play a game in a very long time and my son of course......if it dont have a cord attached to it and hooked to a gaming system - it ain't a game! My daughter, of course she was "game" for it. :)

Since that night, we have played the game a few more times when time has allowed and we love it every time. We have even had guests over to play with us as well. time you have a quiet evening and looking for something fun to do, turn off the TV, pop some popcorn and pull out a board game!

What games does your family play that you enjoy?

Happy Gaming!

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