Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Save on Dryer Sheets!

It is Thrifty Thursday again and this week we are talking about dryer sheets! Remember last time I had talked about how you could cut your Brillo pads in half to get more use out of them and not let so much go to waste by staying wet and rusting, etc? Well - did you realize you could do the same with dryer sheets?

As soon as you buy a new box of dryer sheets, open the box, pull the sheets out and cut them in half from top to bottom (vertically). Then you can simply put them right back in the box and dispense just half at a time. A half of sheet is normally plenty to do one load. However, if you are doing a large load of towels and like them to be "extra soft and smelly" then by all means toss 2 in, you are still at that point only using one sheet. It will make your box last about twice as long and you will still get the same results!

What else do you have in your home that you think you can use this concept of cutting in half to get double the use of?

Happy Savings!

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