Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Mondays - None for me this week!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years and that you are now ready to kick off this New Year as an organized, frugal friendly fun, recipe cooking, money saving Woman of 2012! Woo Hoo!!!

My goal this year is on Mondays, to post my "Menus for the Week". I have found in the past that if I sit down for just a few minutes over the weekend and plan out my meals for the week and have a plan in place, weeknights go much smoother around here. Thought if I shared my menu plans with you, that might encourage you and help you put together your own menus for the week. As I start to add recipes here on the blog, if I am cooking I recipe that I have already shared, I will link that night's meal to the recipe in case you want to try it to.

This week - however - no Menu Monday. One reason, with having such a long holiday weekend from work, I really didn't realize it was even Monday until just moments ago! Has that happened to you over the holidays - where you lose track of time? Another reason is half of my family is going to be missing in action this week due to their going to a particular Bowl Game for their favorite college team. Lastly, in looking at my own calendar this week, I have meetings just about every night this week after since it is just two of us and half the time I wont even be here - I think it will be a "fend for yourself or famine" week unfortunately!

Stay tuned next Monday thought when hopefully I will be here to share next's week Menu Mondays! If you come up with a menu plan this week, please feel free to share below!

Happy New Year!


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