Monday, February 1, 2010

Hasbro Family Game Night Coupon!

Do you love board games? I love them, but it is hard to get my family to sit down to play one. If it is not something you look at the TV to play and hold a gaming device controller of some sort, I pretty much have to pay them play! (Which I have been known to host "Bingo Night" for the kids and they will play and "suffer through" since they win money......)

Anyway, if you love board games and you actually have a family that will play with you, head over here and get your coupon for $5.00 off select Hasbro Games. There is one particular game on there I have been wanting so I might just have to go get it. Even if I have to line up some stuffed animals to play with me like I did when I was little!
Happy Savings!

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