Monday, February 1, 2010

TNT Tuesday - Elcair Dessert

It's Tuesday, which means another 'TNT Recipe" . Since Publix has graham crackers on sale this week, I thought I would share a dessert with you that uses those crackers, that is easy-peasy to make, and flies off the table even faster!

Eclair Dessert

1 Box Graham Crackers
2 small boxes of Vanilla Pudding (can use Sugar Free and your family will never know!)
3 cups milk
1 12oz. container of Cool Whip (can use Fat Free and your family will never know!
1 container Ready to Frost Frosting (just regular, not whipped or nothing fancy)

In a 13x9 dish, line the bottom of the pan with graham crackers. You may have to break a few crackers in half to fit into corners, etc.

Mix together the pudding mixes and milk. Let sit for 2 minutes to thicken. Once thickened, fold the cool whip into the pudding mixture.

Pour half of the pudding mixture easily onto the crackers and spread, being careful not to totally disrupt the crackers underneath.

Put another layer of crackers on top of the pudding mixture you just poured and then pour the remaining pudding on top. Finish with one last layer of crackers on the top.

Remove the lid and foil liner from the frosting container, and place it in the microwave for 1 minute to melt it. Then immediately pour it onto the crackers and smooth across the top of crackers.

Put in refrigerator to "set".

It might not seem like it, but I promise this will taste just like a chocolate covered cream puff when it is ready!

I am not positive on how long it needs to "set", but I normally fix this around mid day when I want to use it that evening.


Happy Cooking!

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